Naruto Spirit Guide 1st Steps

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Naruto Spirit Guide 1st Steps

Post by CaptainSento on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:40 am

Dear readers, welcome to this series of guides that will help develop your knowledge on the game and how you want to be playing. In this guide, I'll be covering the two topics, first stages of pve and starting off.
This is what you will first see as you enter the game for the first time:

Complete the tutorial as it will teach you a little bit about the battle functions and how the skill works, for example skills 2-4 run off a system where you use a b c d to increase your QTE chance. Furthermore, the skills you use have different cds, typically as you go up in skills attained you will have a longer cd. The skills you get will not automatically all be achieved when you first start the game, when you reach a certain level you will be able to activate more skills using your secret art value(to be explained in another guide).

Moving on, complete the following quest until you reach the quest where you choose your own class and name at level 3:
At this point you should consider what class you like best dependent on skills, feel free to click to see the animation of that skill and after choosing ur class and name your look may change depending on what class you pick.I will inform you now that the class you choose is completely up to you as transformations later on will allow you to act as if you've changed your class anyway and the class you choose wont make you inferior, the classes will always be naturally countered by another class anyway.

From then on you will just be wanting to go through the quest available to you, it should be easy to keep doing these quest as exp at this point obtained from quest will be able to level you up easily. One of the first pve stages you will meet while doing quest is elite instance which will help you obtain transformation powder to help with the transformation function. Using the transformation function you will be able to use your transformation powder to level up your transformation level and be able to transform into other ninjas available in the game:

Along the journey as you gain more levels and are able to do more of elite instance you should come across another pve function called dungeon story: Here you will want to complete the various stages and try and get 5stars at each stage to claim the big rewards at the end of the chapter. For each chapter there will be a range of difficulties you can go up to and repeat the battle to help obtain more of these helpful items, the order is Normal(1star) Hard (2star) Abyss(3 star) Hell(4star).Here is an example of the great goods obtained from doing your first Hell set of fights:

Once again, along the journey you will also unlock the feature daily login which will help provide you with nice free items daily, this will also be accompanied by the daily gift feature providing gifts each day depending on how long your logged in. You will also obtain 5 cash gift every day from daily gift, the currency which you will want a lot of.
At the end of the month once you've obtained all the gifts from the daily login function, you will be able to claim a lvl 6 random gem box:

Finally, the next early pve stage you will meet is campaign instance. This is where you will fight a certain amount of enemies and as a result obtain some rewards which will be helpful in the future in terms of getting equipment, ninjas etc:

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